How Tally on Cloud helps your business run seamlessly

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How Tally on Cloud helps your business run seamlessly

Work from home culture is here to stay. Before the pandemic started back in 2019, the thought of employees working from home was not favored. This was mainly because, the required infrastructure needed for control and efficient execution was not built. It was that part of IT infrastructure that needed some working on.

But today, you cannot ignore the need for developing an infrastructure that supports the work from home culture. Even after the pandemic is over, you will be able to give your employees the flexibility to work remotely if you develop the needed infrastructure today.

According to a study, more than 40% of job applicants look for a job with work from home flexibility. And in the days to come, this percentage will increase. So hop on to the trend of remote working.

Once you have set up a login/logout system for attendance, the second thought for all Tally using businesses is, how to move Tally online. It’s easy, you can do it with Tally on Cloud. Along with moving your work online, Tally on Cloud provides many other benefits that keep your business running as smoothly as it was before the pandemic. Here’s how -


Tally users from different departments like accountants, data entry employees, HR, decision-makers of the company, etc can work together even while working remotely as the data entered is updated on a real-time basis. This helps in avoiding wastage of time.

Anytime anywhere

There is no need to access your office PC. You can work from home from any PC or device. This will help even in future when the situation has changed as employees will be able to access their Tally even from their tablets and laptops while traveling or while on a vacation.

24/7 Access

24/7 Access means you can access Tally 24 hours and 7 days a week. This means you can empower your employees to work as per their convenience when it is feasible. This is of great help for the employees as it will reduce the absenteeism of employees and improve their productivity.

Boost performance

Tally on Cloud boosts your Tally performance as the load on your PC is reduced as the software is on a cloud server. This allows for smooth and better running of the software. If your Tally has been running slow lately, try Tally on Cloud to check if Tally works better.


In Tally on Cloud, you can add or remove as many users as you want. Thus, there’s scope for accommodating your company’s future needs as well. You pay for services you use you can customize your plan as per your need. 

Reduced overall costs

There are many costs associated with using a local server like its maintenance, up-gradation, and other security-related software that need to be taken care of. Other than the server costs, other costs like electricity costs to run the server continuously, IT person labor costs and much more costs are reduced when you use Tally on Clod and work remotely. 

Tally on Cloud will ensure you work from anywhere and at anytime with almost zero downtime to maximize your productivity. Know more about Tally on Cloud here.

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