How Tally Customization has Benefited The South Asian Countries, The Middle East and Africa

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How Tally Customization has Benefited The South Asian Countries, The Middle East and Africa

Every business strives to have a competitive advantage. Customization of your business assisting software can provide you with that edge over your competitors. Tally customization is one very common way of enhancing and optimizing business processes to have minimum wastage.

Mainly the South Asian countries, the Middle East and Africa have greatly utilized customized Tally to optimize their processes. So, what exactly does customization include and how has it really helped these countries?

Tally customization includes every change that is done to the standard Tally license package. For example, changing the column names or number of rows and columns, changing the invoice contents, adding an extra or new feature through a plug and play plugin or any other change that was not available in the default Tally license is called a customization.

Mainly Tally customization are of two types - a customization and a plugin. A customization is basically a unique requirement that a business brings to a service provider and gets it done in a systematic way which might take a couple of days for its implementation. A plugin is as the name suggests a ready to plugin Tally and play feature that can be implemented within hours. There are many requirements that are commonly needed for routine business functions but are not currently available in Tally, these features you can easily implement in your Tally by contacting service providers like Antraweb Technologies.

Top customization's used by the South Asian countries, The Middle East and African Countries -

Auto Backup

Tally by default has a manual backup system and requires the user to initiate the backup. The problems experienced by the users was that they often forgot to take backup at the end of a work day which most of the time was not a problem. But in some such instances, where the system was hacked or such an attack caused the system shutdown and the user was locked out of his/her own data, here since the user had forgotten to take a timely backup, the user lost the data permanently. This resulted in the need for an auto-backup system. That was not human dependent. Tally Smart Backup by Antraweb Technologies , allows you to set a scheduled backup at regular intervals of time at multiple locations. This plug-in and play customization of Tally has helped numerous South Asian , Middle East and African businesses.

Tally File Attachment

Every transaction requires a supporting document, which needs to be stored for easy auditing. Storing physical files filled with supporting documents like invoices and other documents can be a tedious task considering the storage cost, the labour cost and time spent on managing the files. To have a better process in place, many businesses in the South Asian countries, The Middle East and the African countries use Tally Multiple File Management plug-in in Tally. Using this plugin, you can attach documents along with their related transaction in Tally digitally. Thus there is no need to store physical documents and if a physical document is needed, it can be printed when needed, cutting down the printing, storage and labour costs. 

Outstanding Reminders

Collections are a crucial part of every business and especially important in businesses that provide a credit period for payments. One click outstanding in Tally allows you to send reminders to all defaulters with complete detail of the deal done. Thus keeping no room for confusion or misinterpretation. This feature is not available in default Tally but can be installed by service providers like Antraweb Technologies.

Invoice Customization

Invoice customization is a top customization request by too many businesses across South Asian countries, The Middle East and also the African Countries. Businesses want to customize their invoices so that the amount of detail they want in their invoice is available and also the brand of the company is properly represented through the invoice. There are many different ways of customizing your invoice. Ask us today about your invoice customizing request and we will call you back with all the details.

Barcode & Labelling

Barcoding and labelling are one of the best ways to automate your inventory management process. Tally can be customized to create both barcodes and labels. You can create different barcodes that can be scanned and details will automatically reflect on your Tally thus reducing the task of manually entering data into your Tally software. Get to know more about Barcode and labelling in tally now.

Customization is the best way of personalizing your business management software as per your unique business needs. You can consult your service provider to understand the best solutions and customization's to enhance your Tally software. These were the top customization's used in the South Asian, The Middle east and the African countries. Similarly there are hundreds of plug-in and play customization's and customization possibilities you can explore by contacting us.

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