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How Tally Shoper 9 Can Help The Retail Industry

Tally Shoper 9

Being one of the products of Tally ERP 9, Tally Shoper 9 is known to deliver superior and smooth support for business operations to users. It is utilized by retail firms of different sizes. After an elaborate and comprehensive research, the product was developed to offer support when functioning simultaneously with huge volumes of data ranging from warehouses, head offices to retail store outlets.

Features of Tally Shoper 9

The different needs of the retail industry vary from business to business. The software supports the unique ability for you to configure and operate it as per your requirements. Get Shoper 9 configured to efficiently decrease mistakes and boost customer satisfaction.

There are different features that comes with Tally Shoper 9

Alerts Management

In the software, you can configure alerts for messages pertaining to particular events. One can select from different modes to send alerts to every showroom in a chain of shops to make sure that even distance does not prevent the chain of communication in the retail chain of showrooms. This feature can be used to deliver important information such as notifying price revision, sales promotion etc.

Streamlining with GS1 Standard

The GS1 standards are said to be the most extensively used supply chain standards system in the globe. Shoper 9 enables you to produce the GS1 Standards Numbers for the stock items based on the Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN) allocated to your business. This truly helps with businesses tackling international brands or having stores across the world.

Inventory Management

Shoper 9 is developed in such a way that it can deal with a high volume of SKUs (products) and transactions. Efficient and flexible inventory choices can make inventory management smoothly integrated with Shoper 9.

Catalogue Management

With this software, one can manage huge volumes of your retail business data utilizing catalogues and relevant business regulations. Catalogues contain business data such as products, supply chain network, configurations and data communication schedules.

Print Engine

With print engine, you get the flexibility to customize the business logic as per business requirements. It also facilitates configuring printing instructions for all transactions or nodes via the engine.

Multiple Prices

The amount of rates one can craft for a stock item is infinite with the elaborate multi-price ability of Shoper 9. You can activate or deactivate prices as needed. You get to choose the most relevant price when recording a transaction.

Tally.ERP 9 interface

With Shoper 9, you can co-function with Tally.ERP 9. You can cater to the financial, statutory and accounting requirements of the company while facilitating inventory management independently.


With Shoper 9, you can categorize your business elements geographically. They can be classified into country, zone, state, city and the store levels.

Enhanced Security

Shoper 9 makes sure that all sensitive data is secure. It does not matter if it’s a singular POS store or a chain of retail outlets, Shoper 9 improves security management with better security controls.

Several retail outlets in the textile or apparel sectors function exclusively as well as extensively on Tally Shoper 9.

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