Tally Shoper 9

Whether you have a retail outlet or a series of franchisee retail stores, Tally Shoper 9 offers superior and seamless support for business operations to users. Used by retails corporations of varying sizes, this product has been developed following extensive research and is designed to provide support when working simultaneously with large volumes of data across warehouses, head offices and retail store outlets.

The contemporary retail business requires vast technological assistance and manpower for smooth operations. With Tally Shoper 9, this is made possible by allowing businesses to focus on their core strengths while the software executes the operational functions.

Tally Shoper 9 can handle lakhs of item codes, thousands of stock queries and supports operations across hundreds of stores. For up-to-date data management of prices, promotional events, stock updates and a number of other critical business functions,

Tally Shoper 9 is more than up to the task. Many retail chains or stores in the apparel and textile sectors run extensively and exclusively on Tally Shoper 9.

Functionalities offered by Tally Shoper 9

Alignment with GS1 standards

Generate GS1 standard numbers for various items in the stock based on GTIN which is useful for businesses with international presence

Alert management

Configure set of alerts for various functionalities such as price revision effect dates, critical price revision, timely updates, etc.

Till and inventory management

Track cash details and settle all receipts and payments, record and monitor huge volume of transactions with Shoper 9

Catalogue management

Handle voluminous amounts of data crucial in the business using relevant categories and applicable regulations for the business.

Consolidated database

Create a single replication database for about 100 showrooms or even 50 different franchisee outlets saving time and efforts.

Sales return and predictive bill values

Return multiple invoices in a single document. Choose to return multiple invoices partly or completely through a single return document.

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