Tally Auditors Edition

Tally Prime Auditors Edition has evolved into a highly sophisticated tool for business operations management for both Chartered Accountants and their clients. With value-added services such as continued statutory compliance and remote access, this product remains unrivaled in the market in increasing the efficacy of auditors. It is useful to streamline processes to save time, effort, and resources.

Tally Prime Auditor Edition is designed such that it optimizes your costs and revenue capabilities while saving significant time and effort. Moreover, with sophisticated audit software, physical verification and validation of data using vouchers are no longer necessary.  The product helps CAs provide uninterrupted and prompt resolution for any audit issues and related queries remotely within the software itself. Separate reports and annexures can also be accessed regularly in line with requirements for a tax audit with great ease.

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Tally Prime Auditors Edition Features -

Audit programs and working papers

Auditors Edition helps Chartered Accountants minimise errors and prepare thorough reports while minimising time and efforts.

Analytical procedures with multiple sampling methods

Compare data of the current year with the previous years, easily identify unexpected relationship among data to spot discrepancies.

Opening Balance Verification and Scrutiny

Any variances in balances can be easily highlighted making it possible to immediately address concerns.

Repeated transaction reports

Multiple configurations can be customized to detect and record transactions that seem unusual or are recurring.

Periodic Report & Payment Receipts

Spot irregularities in transactions and provide transparency in patterns of transactions occurring over a period of time.

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