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Protect Your Tally Data From Ransomware Attacks

Tally Data is sensitive and hackers are always looking to find vulnerabilities and new ways of hacking data. The growth of technology and the internet has led to the growth of hackers and their malicious intent equally.

Ransomware virus is something most businesses are well aware of. Mostly, this is due to how ransomware has attacked so many businesses and is growing to attack more and more businesses with each passing day. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts a victim's data and demands payment, usually in cryptocurrency, for the decryption key. These attacks can target individuals, businesses, government institutions, and organisations of all sizes.

  1. India has not been resistant to ransomware assaults. Previously, there have been reports of ransomware attacks influencing different areas inside the country, including Health care, BFSI, Education, EdTech, Retail, Ecommerce and government associations. These assaults can upset administrations, compromise delicate information, and lead to monetary catastrophe.

  2. Indian cybersecurity experts and associations have been attempting to address and stop ransomware attacks. They focus on the significance of keeping up with powerful network safety protocols, standard programming, employee training on perceiving phishing endeavours, and keeping reinforcements of basic information to relieve the effect of likely assaults.

As per Outlook India, in India, 73% businesses have fallen victims to Ransomware attacks as opposed to 66% globally. Thus we can say India is more vulnerable to Ransomware than other countries and hence here’s what Tally does to keep the data in it safe -

Tally provides a comprehensively aimed strategy for its data security. It includes frameworks for data authentication, authorisation, data confidentiality and integrity. Data security features of Tally include -

Secure Connectivity

Tally ensures secure connectivity between your Tally and the Tally.Net Server using an advanced multi-step handshake. Tally verifies both the Tally licence as well as the Tally Software Services (TSS) licence. This ensures hackers are not tampering or stealing any data midway.

Secure Data Exchange between Tally & Tally.Net Server

Tally ensures secure data exchange between Tally and Tally.Net Servers by encrypting the data with an advanced version of industry approved Triple data encryption algorithm. Thus data is safe during transmission. To detect data corruption and alteration during transfer, message Digests are used.

Secure Data Exchange between two different Tally

Many businesses use different Tally in different locations that are not connected by a LAN connection. In such a scenario they get an option to sync their data. While syncing data to avoid any hacker altering or stealing data, Tally states the configuration of the sending and receiving Tally system. Thus if there is a different system configuration involved, the data sync is rejected and stopped. Second security control by Tally for data sync is that the sender and receiver have to send and accept the data sync invite respectively. The third feature for Tally data security during data sync is Tally.Net Server, stores an encrypted version of this data sync and later on when the whole data sync process is completed successfully, it automatically deletes this data thus maintaining confidentiality of that data.

Data Storage

All the data that is stored on local drives manually is in an encrypted format using the TallyVault feature.

Secure Access

An excluding network port is created and opened for a specific user request like data transfer and once this task is completed, the port is closed. Thus the whole infrastructure is completely secure, not allowing an unauthorised person to access it or initiate a scam data transfer request. 

Note - It is important to know all these security features are available under a valid Tally software services (TSS).

Other than these, you can also enhance your data security with Tally Smart Backup ++. Tally Smart Backup ++ is a backup plug-in specially made for Tally by Antraweb technologies to ensure automatic and timely backup at a scheduled time. Check more about Tally Smart Backup ++ here.

Additionally, if you’re considering Tally Server 9/ Tally Prime Server, for your enterprise, you must know that Tally Server 9 comes with an in-build security feature that hides the path of the data stored and any user using Tally will never be able to trace the location of the data stored.

Tally has worked on its security to ensure your data is safe at all times. We recommend you to always have an active TSS to avoid any type of security mishap with your data. Now you can keep Ransomware at bay with these Tally security features.

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