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Things you must know if you have multiple banches in Tally

Tally is the backbone of businesses today. As most SMEs prefer Tally to maintain their accounting and other data, they are almost completely dependent on Tally for data relating to outstanding, purchases, sales, revenues, etc.

As businesses grow, their needs in Tally also increase. These increasing needs have to be satisfied. The question then arises is, Is Tally equipped with the functionalities that may be needed by a growing business?

There is no simple answer to this question. Why? Because every business is unique and may have unique requirements. A standard product cannot offer all possible requirements, yet Tally provides certain features that may help your business but only to a certain limit.

Companies grow and expand over time. A company may start with a single user and may grow to multiple users in a LAN connection or even to multiple locations across the country. Many times the accounting activities are centralized and occur at the Head office. Thus it becomes important for these companies to sync their accounting data with the head office where the accounting of the business takes place.

Tally helps in these activities by providing Data synchronization option using the Tally.Net Server.

There are two ways in which Tally allows data synchronization

  • Online
  • On-demand

Online method of Data Synchronization:

In this method, data can be synced only when both the client PC and the server PC are connected through Tally.Net Server or any other private network. As soon as both the Client and the server PC are online and sync is initiated, the data gets exchanged through the Tally.Net Server. Both the Server and Client PC must have a valid TSS for the synchronization process to take place.

On-demand method

In the on-demand process of Tally synchronization, both the Client and the server PCs need NOT be live at the same time. The Client-server starts with the sync process on the Tally.Net Server, and once the data is uploaded, the Server PC can connect to the Tally.Net Server whenever it wants and get the data exchanged. This method also requires both PCs to have a valid TSS (Tally.Net Subscription)

The main difference between these two methods is in the Online method both the client PC and the server PC need to be online at the same time and the data does not get saved in the Tally.Net Server. Whereas in the On-demand method of data sync, one PC sends data to the .Net Server and once the data has been sent the Server PC can connect anytime to the Tally.Net Server and collect the data from the Tally.Net Server.

P.S.: It is important to note that Tally.Net server does not save any of your data. Even if it does save (as in the case of On-demand synchronization), it saves only till the time the other PC connects and exchanges the data.

Data synchronization is very important for businesses with multiple branches. But this synchronization feature of Tally has certain limitations and few precautions that need to be taken for the data to be transferred accurately. They are as given below:

  • Good and stable Internet connection
  • Proper co-ordination including follow-ups
  • The Integrity of data may be lost in case of an unstable Internet connection
  • Ledgers might get duplicated

Other than these, more challenges faced by users are,

  • Accounting

    Cost centres is a concept used by many multi-branched businesses. Its implementation requires it to have the complete data of accounts and inventory from the other offices.

  • Lack of option for Multiple GSTNs in one company

    Businesses having inter-state sales, need to have GSTN of that state but Tally by default has made provision only for 1 GSTN per company. This creates complexity in maintaining accounts as well as for return filing that data synchronization alone cannot solve.

As an accounting person, these issues may lead to wastage of time, frustration and a lot of trouble for maintaining accounts as well as at the time of return filing.

To make things easier and efficient, we have come up with a solution that will not only save you from your accounting troubles but will also reduce the cost to your company. Contact us to know more about this module.

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