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With Tally don’t work twice!

Data is exploding, data is everywhere. But this data is useless if it is not structured. Structured data is information that helps to take important decisions. Tally data as we all know is valuable and is considered the heart of a business.

Tally simply records all the entries that are manually entered into the software and saves it in a structured format. This structured data provides valuable inputs in taking critical decisions. Thus, this information needs to be free from errors. But how can one ensure that this manually entered data is error and duplication free?

One way to avoid duplicate entries or repetitive entries is to manually enter the voucher number by selecting the manual voucher numbering option and set prevent duplicated to yes. This will help you make systematic entries without any duplication.

Other than this method, there are certain tools which are beyond Tally that can be used to automate these tasks and involve minimum human intervention. Below I have mentioned about them.

Many times especially in e-commerce businesses, the whole online transactions are recorded in an excel sheet and then it has to be fed into Tally. This has to be done manually by an accountant. If hundreds of such entries are to be made in Tally, errors like data duplication, wrong entries, missed entries, etc are bound to happen.

Antraweb has developed E-commerce integration tool especially for businesses that sell on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Using this tool, entries are made automatically in Tally without much human intervention. This will make sure human errors are eliminated by as much as 99%.

The process of manually making these entries in Tally, checking it for errors and rectifying it is a very complicated task and may consume a lot of employee productive time. Using the e-commerce integration tool, one can easily import all entries in Tally without much hassle.

Businesses sometimes use more than one software for recording their data such as transaction vouchers, inventory, etc. This data is later fed into Tally. This, when done manually, is time consuming and may lead to work duplication which may, in turn, lead to wastage of valuable employee time.

Businesses can now improve their productivity by simply getting all their software integrated with Tally using the integration solution provided by us.

Not only will it improve your work burden but will improve the accuracy of the work done.

Reports available in any software are always limited. Similarly, the reports needed by the top management for evaluation may not be available in Tally you have to manually accumulate Tally data and then prepare reports one by one which is time consuming, complex and a recurring task.

Sheet Magic is a perfect solution for this problem as it not only fetches data from Tally but also prepares the desired excel based reports in just a few minutes. It requires a one-time setup after which all reports can be generated as many times as you may require.

Audits are an important part of every business. Regular audits make sure all data entries are genuine and accurately entered. This is one way of eliminating errors before return filing. The problem with audits is the valuable time wasted by an employee who has to assist the auditor during the whole auditing process by providing the necessary supporting documents. Even if a single document is missing, the employee has to find the document thus wasting a lot of time.

An easy and simple way of conducting this audit is to attach these supporting documents in Tally itself thus the auditor doesn’t have to check the physical supporting documents but can check the voucher entries with their digital documents simultaneously on Tally itself.

Amazing right? Get the Multi-file attachment module today and maintain all documents in Tally and save yourself the trouble of searching and panicking at the time of Audit.

Such duplicate work needs to be eliminated from an organization for it to be highly efficient and successful. If not, a lot of time will be spent on checking, rectifying and taking important decisions. These beyond Tally tools are designed to increase the productive time of an employee so that he/she can utilize it more efficiently.

With Tally, Don’t work twice but work Smart! - Antraweb

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