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What measures have you Taken for your Tally Data Security?

Imagine one day you wake up and all your Tally data is gone! Does it sound as scary as a burglar attack into your house or is it scarier?

Well, it depends..if you do have a backup in place you wouldn’t panic as much as in a situation of burglar attack.

The biggest difference between these two situations is:

In the 1st scenario of burglar attack, you might have taken certain proactive measures like locking all your doors or installing CCTV cameras all around the lobby, lift, etc but still, burglars have somehow managed to break into your house.

But in the 2nd scenario, while the possibility of data being lost from Tally cannot be completely eliminated, one can find a way to get the whole data back provided that you take the necessary measures and be ready for such an attack.

As the nation is progressing towards digitization, it is trying to embrace any and every new way of digitization. After the implementation of the GST tax system, filing returns has become an online process.

This digitization has led to increased threats of data security. New ways of harming data and yielding money through data theft are being implemented everyday.

Tally being the most important source of company data needs to have high-security features so that the data in it remains safe.

Tally provides a security framework for the protection and confidentiality of Tally data This is how Tally keeps your data safe--

  • Connectivity

    Tally.ERP 9 is connected to Tally.Net Subscription through a multi-level security check. One such security check is the validation of the Tally.ERP 9 license and the Tally.Net Subscription license.

  • Transmission

    The data exchanged between tally.ERP 9 and Tally.Net Subscription is compressed and encrypted with an enhanced version of the industry recognized Triple data Encryption Algorithm before the transmission process is started.

  • Application access

    For data transfer, the Tally user has to request for a network service only then Tally.ERP 9 opens a network port. The software or system or any third party cannot open the network port or start a data transfer.

Following are the top 3 features in Tally for data security that you must activate for your data security:

1. Enable Tally Vault

Tally vault is an important Tally feature that you must use as it keeps your data encrypted using a password. The user who has the password can only view, alter or enter data.

2. Types of security levels

Different users in Tally can be given different levels of security. There are 2 levels of security: Owner and Data entry

Owner gets the access rights which enables him/her to work with all features of Tally.ERP 9, excluding Tally audit and company alteration which can be done only by the administrator

Data Entry user has limited access but the administrator can assign or limit the access as per their unique requirement

This feature makes sure that the users that are assigned their task do not interfere in other tasks

3. Tally Audit

An audit is carried out in every business, it shows that the business transactions are genuine throughout the year. The Tally.ERP 9 feature Tally Audit allows the auditor to perform an audit on the Tally data by giving him/her the rights to track changes that affect the integrity of the transaction, such as changes made in date, ledger, master, amounts in the voucher, etc are shown in the Tally audit listings.

These are the ways in which you can use your existing default Tally to makes sure that your data is safe from online threats.

Tally Server 9

Tally Solutions has also introduced Tally Server 9 which is an Enterprise Class product that is best suited for Tally.ERP9 Gold license with 6 or more users. This product improves the concurrency issue that may be faced in Tally due to multiple users using Tally at the same time. Other than concurrency, it also has amazing features that help in data security such as it restricts the visibility of physical data files in Tally and provides a complete log of the user activities for monitoring and to practice control over the users.

Antraweb Technologies being an expert in Tally since 27+ years has studied these threats and has found a way to make sure your data stays safe with you. Following are some beyond Tally modules you can use to keep your data protected.

  • For Backup

    Where is your data saved? Is it on system? If yes do you have a copy of this data on your cloud? Is your backup process human dependent or system dependent? A full proof backup system must be:

    1 Automatic

    2 Compressed

    3 Off-system, on cloud

    Does your backup system have the above three features? If not you can inquire us about Smart Backup ++ with cloud today and make your Backup process 100% efficient.

  • For Transaction level security

    In some organizations, it becomes important to control which user is given access to what rights in Tally. Using Voucher Type level security module, you can assign different users different rights such as data entry, data alteration, data deletion, etc. This will make sure that the workload is divided and accountability is maintained.

  • For auditing the User’s usage patterns

    An organization having more than one user needs to have accountability of the data in Tally. This is possible by creating different users in Tally and getting a comprehensive and detailed report of who made entries and when it was made, who altered it along with the date of alteration. You can also view which entries were deleted and by whom and when it was deleted.

    Thus if you want to know which user is accountable for the changes made in Tally data you can easily find out through Audit trail module.

Similarly, there are many other modules that you may be interested in knowing about to secure your Tally data. You can simply ask for a demo and get a trial of it to check if it works for you.

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