How to start accounting for your startup business in just ₹600

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How to start accounting for your startup business in just Rs.600

Starting a business requires you to juggle between a lot of departments especially if you’re the sole owner of a business. As you start a business, initially you’re the only person who takes care of the sales, purchase, accounting, strategic planning, product management and a lot more. But eventually you hire individuals who take care of the diverse departments ensuring you focus only on the core of your business.

Initial investments of a business are very critical to the health of your business. You must ensure all investments are made considering the present as well as long term needs of your business.

The software to be used for accounting is one of the important and necessary investments to be made right at the beginning of a business. Accounting needs to be done from day one of a business and goes on till the business exists.

Tally is the most renowned accounting software known for its amazing accounting and complete business management ability. A One-in-all software that can help you manage your whole business through a single software.

As a startup, or any new business, you might be exposed to a lot of software that claims to manage different parts of your business. Tally is one software that not only comes at a reasonable cost but also fulfills all business needs both on a short term as well as a long term basis.

Here’s how Tally will help your startup flourish -

Flexibility and Feasibility

Tally has evolved over the years to become a software that supports business functions like accounting, payroll, inventory, banking, statutory compliance, reporting, invoicing, etc. You name it and Tally has it. Not just these, some businesses that are unique and might be a pioneer in their field can also get Tally customised from the thousands of Tally partners available throughout India.

Minimum investment

Best features at a minimum cost. You can start your business journey with Tally at a minimal price of Rs. 600 per month. Tally has a few different pricing options for different types of users. For a small business, a Silver version is available which has the same features as the other Gold version. The only difference is the number of users who can use Tally simultaneously. A Tally Silver version can be used only by a single user whereas a gold version can be used by multiple users. Small businesses with a limited budget who do not want to make a big investment and are unsure can get the Tally silver version on rent. Tally Silver version on rent costs only Rs. 600 per month. This is an amazing deal for the amount of features that Tally provides.

Power of simplicity

Tally believes in the power of simplicity. Tally is simple to use. It eliminates the need for training. Employees can start working with Tally from day one of their job without any training. This allows for more productivity and efficiency. Not just usage but also reporting is amazing in Tally. As you get about 300+ reports in Tally. This allows for great reporting and clarity of work.

Reports in Tally

Tally provides more than 300 reports. Useful reports allow for quick status checking and accurate decision making. Since by default Tally is an on-premise software, Tally has enabled online report viewing. Through this feature, you can access your Tally from online using any browser. Simply login using your credentials in Tally Solutions website and you can analyse your Tally reports.

Not just these, you can get Tally customised as per your unique need. You can also opt for online Tally i.e. Tally on Cloud. Tally on Cloud allows you to access your Tally from any device and at any time. All these benefits at a monthly cost of only Rs. 600.

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