Tally On MAC

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Tally On MAC

Background - Tally ERP 9 is a software that can be used only on Windows operating system. In this blog we will see how Tally can be used on Mac.

Tally is used by many persons in an organization such as the accountants, IT person, Owner, etc. While data entry is a function used by an accountant, viewing reports in Tally is a function which is mostly used by the senior management and decision makers of a company.

The owner and decision makers in a business may not always have a windows laptop \ computer. Most owners use a Mac Book which is not compatible with Tally. Tally was developed to be used on windows alone.

Due to the increasing number of OS users, the demand for Tally on MAC is on the rise. While officially, Tally is not compatible with MAC, there are some inadvisable ways of using Tally for Mac OS. We suggest always to use Tally on a windows operating system. Below listed methods are complicated and may lead to a lot of complex issues for which you might not get any technical support from Tally Solutions.

  • Split the Hard disc (Dual Boot)

    Tally is compatible only with windows. Thus Mac users can split their hard disc into half using half its storage for Mac OS and other half for Windows. Thus the user can use applications compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS. This method is also called dual-booting and is mostly used by tally erp 9 users for Mac.


    • Use Tally erp 9 and other software that are not compatible on Mac.
    • Save Hardware costs of using two devices to run two different software.


    • Storage limitation
    • Files saved, downloaded or edited on one OS will not be available on the other
  • Operating System Virtualization

    There are some software like Parallels Desktop 15, VMWare Fusion 11, etc which create a virtual operating system thus allowing the user to run other OS application software on it.


    • You will be able to use windows software application on Mac and Mac software application on Windows.


    • You might face speed issues
    • Difficulties switching between the two operating systems
  • Tally on Cloud

    Tally is now also available on cloud and thus it can be accessed anywhere at anytime. This is the easiest method of running Tally on Mac. All you need is an active and strong internet connection.


    • Easy to use with minimal requirement i.e internet connect and cloud infrastructure
    • Smooth functioning
    • Real time data


    • Will not work without internet connection

In conclusion, one of the best way to use Tally on Mac is to use it through Cloud. Tally on Cloud will allow you to access your Tally from any device irrespective of your operating system. Internet Connection is all that you will need as Tally on Cloud will allow you to run Tally on any browser.

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