Are you Tally Prime ready?

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tally prime

Tally Prime is the most discussed topic these days. Everybody knows it is the most significant update in the history of Tally. Tally has capabilities that not only covers accounting, but it also extends support to the different functions of business like Banking, Payroll, Inventory Management, etc. With all these diverse capabilities, we do understand that Tally has an unlimitable scope, but what more can be expected in the latest release i.e. Tally Prime is completely unfathomable.

All we can do is wait for Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to announce the release of Tally Prime. There was a previous version called Tally 18 which was scheduled to be released two years back, but we never got to see it. Anyway, the longer the wait, the better can be expected of the release. Thus we are curious and wait intently for the launch of Tally Prime.

While we wait, let us keep our Tally ready for the update so that we can get Tally Prime at the earliest.

Here’s what you will be needing

  • A valid TSS 

    TSS (Tally Software Service) subscription is a yearly fee charged by Tally Solutions to provide uninterrupted software updates and other services like Remote access, Data Exchange, etc. Since Tally is a perpetual software license, the only fee that needs to be paid yearly is TSS. It’s important to know that Tally runs fine even without a renewed TSS. You may only miss out on the above-stated features. When an essential update like Tally Prime is up for release, we recommend you to renew your TSS so that you do not miss out on the amazing features that Tally Prime provides.  

  • Allow us to notify you

    Worried about who will inform you about Tally Prime? We got you! Visit Tally Prime page on our website and click on the ‘Notify Me’ button to get notified about the launch of Tally Prime. We will send an email notification along with instructions to update and migrate from Tally to Tally Prime.

And that is it. That’s all that you will need to do to stay prepared for Tally Prime. You can contact us or any other service provider to update Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Prime. 

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