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Understanding Security Features of Tally on Cloud

Cyber threats are on the rise. According to a research by Kaspersky, on an average people affected by fraud spend over 776$ and over 20 hours trying to fix all the mess created by the cyber attacks. These numbers are tripled when such frauds are faced by businesses.

India is known for its IT services and software. And thus being one of the leading countries in software, security is a top concern and given priority.

In Tally on cloud, best measures are taken to ensure all data is safe from all kinds of cyber intrusions.

Data Backup

Tally on cloud continuously saves data on cloud without you having to manually command it to save. Thus even in case of a cyber threat like data loss your data is backed up and safe. You can always retrieve the data from the cloud servers. In case you want to have an offline copy of your data you can export your data from Tally and save it on your local PC or on a storage device. In most cases, saving data offline is unnecessary as the cloud is very secure and prevents most attack attempts.

Role based access control

Every business using Tally on cloud, has an administrator user. This user is usually an authoritative person from the business who can be trusted with the complete access of Tally on cloud. The admin decides the number of users and the roles, responsibilities and the level of Tally data that each user will be able to access. This is a security protocol that Tally on cloud has implemented so that the level of data exposure stays in control with the business considering the ability of the user to access and work with Tally on cloud remotely. This security feature not just keeps your sensitive data in safe hands but also keeps your data exposure to the cyber threats Limited.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Tally on Cloud Security is taken care of by cloud security experts. They are continuously keeping an eye on the dark web activities and updating their security protocols from time to time. Tally on cloud continuously ensures Tally data security by checking the environment in which Tally is being accessed to ensure no malicious files are leaked into the software. Thus keeping your data and software safe from viruses and malwares.

Multi Factor Authentication

To access your Tally data through Tally on cloud you need to login using your ID and password and once you have logged in you need to enter your Tally company password. Thus only a user with both these information can access the data in Tally. The virtual space is becoming more and more crowded and hence a minimum of two factor authentication is a must.

Security Updates

The security experts at Tally on cloud ensure your data safety by continuously identifying ways hackers are trying to hack servers. They are updating the server security to prevent and block such security intrusion attempts. The security team at Tally on cloud conducts continuous security audits and dedicatedly identifies security gaps and fills them systematically almost on an everyday basis to keep your data safe 24/7.

Encrypted Data Transfer

Cyber hackers are always on the lookout to steal and tamper data while it is being transferred to the cloud server. To prevent and block this tampering and illegal alteration, Tally on cloud encrypts all the data bytes while they are in transit and decrypts it on the arrival of the data on the cloud servers. This is a common security protocol used by security experts to keep data protected.

Cyber Threats and cyber attacks are on the rise and so are the security protocols. While moving your business from your on-premise server to Tally on cloud server you can rest assured that your data safety is being taken care of by some of the best experts in Tally on cloud.

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