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Upgrade Your Communication With Your Customers Using Tally

Any successful firm must have effective customer communication. It acts as the cornerstone for creating lasting connections, raising consumer satisfaction, and fostering corporate expansion. Businesses may explain their value offer, respond to customer inquiries, and build trust through clear and consistent communication.

Businesses may better understand their consumers' requirements, preferences, and problem areas by communicating with them. With the use of this information, businesses can modify their goods, services, and marketing plans to better meet the needs of their customers. Additionally, prompt communication shows that a business loves its clients, which can improve client loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Open lines of communication enable firms to quickly address issues and discover solutions when they occur. Customers feel heard and that customer satisfaction is important when they receive prompt solutions to their questions or difficulties. This could stop minor issues from snowballing into a complex issue.

Keeping all of these in mind, Tally has ensured seamless business communication with their clients through Tally messaging, emailing and also Tally whatsapp. These features are not available in the default Tally and require you to contact service providers like Antraweb to enable these services for your Tally.

WhatsApp In Tally

Whatsapp is a great communication tool. We have seen how gradually, people have shifted from using SMS on phones to Whatsapp. This has happened mainly because the communication is unlimited and free. And thus businesses and even banks use Whatsapp to communicate with their customers. Tally too can send WhatsApp messages. This is possible using third-party tools like WhatsApp to Tally by Antraweb.

WhatsApp is already being used in Tally by hundreds of Antraweb customers. It makes the messaging, informing, and sending invoices convenient not just for the business but also for their customers. Not only messages, you can also send critical documents to customer’s whatsapp number. WhatsApp is one of those external apps that you will find on 99% of smartphones.


Emails have always been the most professional way of approaching a customer. Tally allows you to send emails by using the shortcut keys CTRL + M. You can send reports from Tally to either a single email ID by typing it or to multiple email IDs you can also send it to a predefined list of people. Another common way in which Tally Email is used is the reminders for the amount outstanding. You can send bulk emails in one go for the following groups of emails - All Ledger Accounts, Group of Accounts, Bills Receivable, Group Outstanding, Group of Account Outstandings.

If you wish to send very specific emails with personalised emails, you can use the Outstanding reminder module. This module is developed and marketed by Antraweb Technologies. There are many features in this module like you can customise the email template, you can also send bulk emails after applying multiple filters to the report. This is helpful for businesses that want to completely automate their outstanding management process.


SMS is the oldest way of reaching customers ever since the usage of mobile phones started. It may seem like SMS has been replaced by WhatsApp. But the most important messages are still sent via SMS due to its high reliability. Banks always use SMS for critical communication like amount debited or credited. Similarly, businesses too should not ignore or forget to keep their customers engaged through SMS.

Tally supports SMS communication through Tally SMS. You can use it by getting the SMS Tally module from Antraweb Technologies. And get started. It is very easy to use, you set a template for every type of voucher and on enabling SMS in Tally, you will get a prompt while saving the voucher whether you want to send an SMS. If you click ‘yes’, the SMS will be sent to the customer for whom the voucher was made.

Tally understands the importance of communication and continuously staying connected with customers. And hence there are so many options that you can choose from to choose the medium you want to use to stay connected with your customers. Plug-in tools like SMS and WhatsApp are being used by so many customers effortlessly. If you have not yet used any of these mediums for communication, you surely are missing out. Explore SMS, WhatsApp and Email communication from Tally today. You can ask us about it by writing to us here.

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