Migration and data transfer from Quickbooks to Tally software

Soon Quickbooks will stop it’s services in India. If you’re using Quickbooks and want to move to Tally, the process is very simple and easy. Tally is a reliable and simple to use software. It not only assists businesses in accounting but also helps in other parts of the business like payroll, banking, inventory, budgets, statutory compliance, etc.

Quickbooks being an accounting software, contains tons of ledgers, sales, purchases and much more data. Migrating from Quickbooks to Tally requires you to move all this data into Tally.

It is impossible to move this data manually. Here’s how you can move your Quickbooks data to Tally -

Exporting Data from Quickbooks

Get your masters and transactions exported in Excel format by clicking on the ‘Export to Excel’ option.

Importing data to Tally

  1. Excel to Tally

    All data needs to be in the format of the Excel sheet. Once the tool is plugged into your Tally, you will be able to import all the data automatically.

  2. Automatic Import

    Automatic import in Tally allows you to import all your excel sheets exported from Quickbooks to Tally in a few clicks.

  3. For hassle free data migration from Quickbooks to Tally, enquire now!!

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