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Barcode and Inventory Management in Tally for Small Businesses

Data entry is one of the most human dependent and time-consuming tasks. Every business starts with manually handling tasks and as the business grows it starts to automate functions that are repetitive and are monotonous in nature. Though data entry is monotonous and repetitive in nature, it cannot be completely automated.

In Tally software’s Inventory management, there are certain parts of data entry that can be automated using Barcode and label printing. Scan and enter details to avoid manual data entry. This is possible through an additional add-on feature.

Stock maintenance, storage and stock availability are the important factors in inventory management. The stock availability must be available at the tip of hands or else decision making is delayed. Tally makes sure you know exactly how much stock is available at any given point of time.

Tally needs to be updated with the incoming and outgoing stock. This is where accurate data entry helps. Barcode and label printing ensures quick as well as accurate data entry. Other benefits of Barcode in Inventory Management are -

Inventory visibility

Inventory visibility is the capability to locate a given stock at any point of time. Inventory visibility plays a vital role in the business growth as well as the quality of experience the customer has with your business. The acceptance of an order depends on the availability of stock. If an uninformed decision is taken without considering the availability of stock, it may lead to delayed order fulfilment. Thus Barcode and label printing in Tally allows you to print labels from Tally with Barcodes that allow you to scan and enter accurate stock details.This in turn allows Tally to generate the stock available whenever a sales decision is to be taken.

Better Stock Control

Stock is always moving in a business. Every business having to maintain stock has to have an optimum re-order level. If not, the company can lose its business due to unavailability of stock or the business may incur expenses due to high storage costs of excess stock. To know if a particular stock has reached its re-order level, Tally must be updated with real-time quantity of the available stock. This can be a tedious task if all details have to be filled manually. A barcoding system in Tally allows you to fill all the stock related details in just a scan. This enables better stock control and accurate and quick data entry as well.

Save Time

Entering data into Tally, with just a scan is more convenient and less time consuming. It saves time and hence more work can be completed. Barcode labelling and scanning these labels to enter stock data while passing a sales entry is the most efficient way of completing this task with minimum effort and maximum accuracy.

Data Accuracy

Any work involving human dependency is prone to having errors. Human errors can be avoided by automating the tasks that are prone to human errors. Data entry is one job that is highly prone to human errors. Automating this task is possible by the use of Barcode scanning for stock detail entry. You are assured of zero errors while using Barcode for data entry in Tally.

Easy Setup

With the Barcode module in Tally, you can easily print barcode labels containing the stock details you want to include. Once the labels have been placed on the stock, while creating sales entries you can scan these barcodes to feed the stock details in Tally. Barcode creation and scanning is easy with the Barcode module in Tally.

Using barcodes for entering data is an efficient and proven method of saving time. Most retail shops today use barcodes to save time. Small businesses can save their time too by using Barcode and label printing in their Tally to manage inventory better.

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