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How Tally on Cloud has Helped Thousands of Customers

Tally is known for its simplicity. It offers all types of business management features in one software. By default, it’s an offline software and can be accessed on different PCs only through LAN connection. Tally on Cloud has helped take offline or on-premise Tally online.

Tally on Cloud allows Tally users to access Tally from anywhere in the world and at any time. This gave businesses the power of flexibility. In the recent times of Covid-19, Tally on Cloud has powered businesses with the capability to work from home efficiently. While working from home, businesses have been successful not only in surviving the various lockdowns in recent times but have also saved expenses and earned profits. Here’s how -

Work flexibility

The biggest benefit of Tally on Cloud for businesses is the ability to work from anywhere and at any time. It gives employees the flexibility to work from home or while traveling and also from any device. Flexibility allows employees to work as per their convenience which in turn increases their work productivity. Tally On Cloud empowers Tally to provide Tally data access to businesses 24/7. It makes decision making and data analysis a very convenient process.

Competitive advantage

Every Tally user, using Tally On Cloud, has a competitive advantage over its competitors. Offline Tally users had no choice but to shut down their offices during lockdowns and other restrictions. Whereas in case of Tally Cloud users, their business stayed unaffected. Using online Tally provided them with 100% Tally access 24/7. This is a great competitive edge to have over your competitors. The earlier the better.

Financial advantage

Tally on Cloud is a great investment for businesses as it saves a huge chunk of expenses. Many businesses in India and abroad have moved to a hybrid way of working. This allows businesses to have smaller office infrastructure and yet accommodate the same number of employees. Electricity, rent, IT, etc. costs are reduced due to a work from home or hybrid working scenario.

Zero workflow interruptions

Smooth workflow can only be ensured when there is a cloud infrastructure with automatic backup system and professional IT experts to take care of the online servers. There is hardly any downtime with Tally on Cloud as all the data is saved on online servers which are taken care of by IT experts. Thus, to get guaranteed performance with zero interruptions, Tally on Cloud helps you achieve that.

Enhanced Security

Businesses using Tally on Cloud rest assured about the security of their data. They entrust the cloud service provider with the responsibility to ensure their data stays secure from both viruses as well as miscreants. Thus businesses can focus on their business while the data security experts team at the cloud service provider’s end makes sure the Tally data stays safe. The data is kept safe using the latest cyber-security protocols. This ensures an enhanced data security for your Tally data.

Higher Efficiency

Using Tally on Cloud has increased working efficiency of employees and has resulted in overall improved efficiency of businesses. This is mainly due to the easy availability of Tally data and 24/7 accessibility.

All these factors are essential for the better functioning of a business. Tally on Cloud has only helped improve these factors by providing Tally data availability, enhanced data security. improved efficiency, etc. Over the past two years Tally on Cloud has played an essential role in improving business efficiency.

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