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Automation Possibilities in Tally

Business automation is the key to reducing unnecessary costs and maximising productivity. Tally itself is an automating tool that automates various business processes like stock management, accounting, HR activities, etc.

Tally has been implemented by businesses for many decades and over the years, the software has evolved from an accounting software to a full fledged, business accounting software. Even though the software itself is capable of a complete business management, there are possibilities in Tally that are beyond its default features.

In this blog we will be exploring the possibilities that are unique and might benefit your business.

Automatic Back up

Tally contains confidential and vital data that needs to be backed up all the time. An automatic backup system that notifies you regarding the status of your backup is needed to have complete control on your Tally data. Smart Backup ++ with Cloud backup in Tally ensures your data is safe at all times by backing up your data at scheduled time at multiple locations both locally and on cloud.

One click follow-ups

Better cash flow in a business comes through better payment recovery. To get cash flowing into a business there is a need for an automatic follow-up system. One click outstanding in Tally, sends bulk emails to all customers whose payment is pending. This is a great tool to ensure all follow-ups are done from time to time.

Digital Signature

Businesses that still use pen and paper to sign their documents, waste a lot of resources in getting paper printed and sending it via courier. In the era of digitalisation, every business must have a system for generating digital signatures. Tally too can generate digitally signed invoices with the Digital Signature module in Tally.

File attachment in Tally

Tally is an accounting software and hence it contains accounts and transactional details of the business. While auditing, businesses need the transactions along with their supporting documents. Multi-file attachment in Tally allows you to bring together the transactions along with their supporting documents so that while auditing, Tally can allow you to match the transaction with the supporting document in Tally itself without the need of a physical document.

Auto Data entry

Accounting data like sales data, purchase data etc. can be automatically imported in Tally through Tally integration. Many businesses that are dependent on E-commerce websites and other third party portals get their accounting data in bulk. This data can be automatically integrated in Tally through various different types of integration like, E-commerce Website integration, Excel to Tally Integration, CRM Integration, Web portal integration, etc.

Auto Report Generation

Reporting is important for performance evaluation and monitoring and control. Many of the MIS reports are made in excel using Tally data. This reporting can be automated using Sheet Magic in Tally. All numbers are picked up from Tally and reports are generated in excel.

There are many other possibilities in tally. You can also ask for a customization if your requirement is not available in the standard modules. There are many solution boosters as well made for specific industries like School module, Barcode and Labelling, Manufacturing module, etc.

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