Compatibility and Tally - 4 Ways You Can Integrate Your Tally

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Compatibility and Tally - 4 Ways You Can Integrate Your Tally

Digitization has caused businesses to use multiple software in different areas of work. Different software, websites, excel sheets hold a lot of business information. Tally being an accounting software that needs to have all accounting data, requires to be compatible with these different digital tools to be 100% compatible and resourceful.

Manually, entering data in Tally is the most basic way of achieving a complete accounting and other important data. But manually creating entries can be quite stressful and unnecessary especially when the data is already available in a digital format. Considering this, to make a Tally user's work simpler and less stressful, Antraweb has developed various integration options to integrate Tally and other digital tools to get all data in Tally with complete data integrity and accuracy.

Let’s now understand what are the various Integration options -

Tally Integration with Excel Sheets

Tally integration with Excel sheets commonly known as Excel to Tally integration is one of the most common ways customers integrate Tally. One reason being, most digital platforms like websites and other software always provide an option to convert and download data in .csv format. While using Tally you may have to manually enter each entry in Tally. You can get your Tally integrated with Excel to automatically import all entries in Tally.

Tally Integration with Web Portal

We know web portals collect information from various sources and present it to users in a simplified and comprehensive manner. Tally integration with Web Portal allows you to not only import but also export data to such web portals to get completed data collected from different sources.

Tally integration with CRM

CRMs play a very vital role in any organisation. Most growing and mid-sized companies implement CRM for a consolidated customer profiling and also overall business. Tally integrates with different CRMs to provide the output expected. Data exchange is simpler and more accurate with Tally and CRM integration.

Tally Integration with E-commerce Websites

Businesses sell their products on Amazon and other E-commerce websites and these websites produce accounting data in bulk. This data needs to be fed into Tally regularly and accurately. Such businesses can opt for E-commerce Integration with Tally. This allows for continuous data import from E-commerce websites to tally.

Tally Integration with other software

Tally can be integrated with different software to exchange data. Antraweb has created integration with software like VtigerCRM. Similarly, you can ask us about the possibility of an integration of Tally with other software.

Integration of Tally with different software can be either through an Excel sheet or directly through an API. Thousands of businesses integrate their software to get the maximum value out of their software. Ask us how you can get your Tally integrated for accurate data exchange.

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