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Difference Between the Two Versions of Tally Prime 2.1

Tally is constantly updating and upgrading itself to stay relevant and useful as per the changing business scenarios. Constant addition of new features and 100% statutory compliance of Tally has made it one of the most used software for accounting in India.

In the recent update of Tally i.e. Tally Prime 2.1, tally has once again kept itself at par with all statutory requirements. Two of the newly introduced features are of Edit log also called the Audit trail and Digital Signature. Both these features ensure your data integrity and maximum data accuracy.

Edit Log in Tally Prime

Edit log in Tally, also called as audit trail, keeps a track or record of all the activities performed by users in Tally including all entries made and changes made in all tally vouchers, tally masters and company data including data split, data migration, etc. It gives a report consisting of user wise activities along with date and time stamps.

Once you have upgraded to Tally prime 2.1 Edit log, create different users and entries are made by respective users, Tally records all transactions and user activities and this trail cannot be deleted or changed.

Digital Signature in Tally

Digital signature in Tally is dongle based. You can use digital signature in Tally only if you have your signature certificate on your dongle certified by the authorities. You can use this feature in Tally, only if your dongle is connected to your PC. Get your documents digitally signed in Tally and share it over email. You can also get the documents printed.

What is even more interesting is how Tally’s latest version comes in two types:

  • Tally prime Edit log 2.1
  • Tally Prime 2.1

While both these versions of Tally have the same features, what differentiates the two is that in one version, edit log can be disabled while in the other version cannot be disabled.

One may wonder why such difference and here are our top reasons for Tally introducing two different versions of the same release -


Tally Prime Edit log 2.1 comes with mandatory edit log that cannot be disabled in any scenario. While in Tally prime 2.1 you have the flexibility to turn off the audit trail. Tally prime 2.1 without edit log provides you with the flexibility and control to choose whether you want to use Edit log or not. This version of Tally is great for users who want to slowly move towards maintaining edit log while accounting.

Statutory Compliance

As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs, every business with Business to Business clientele and having a turnover of over 20cr, must have user activity tracking or Edit log. And such businesses need to have Tally with an audit trail that cannot be turned off voluntarily. And thus the version of Tally Prime 2.1 with edit log cannot be disabled.

This latest version of Tally is best for businesses that are growing and are constantly looking to reduce costs by maximising their efficiency. Edit log in Tally will provide you with maximum data accuracy and data efficiency. Digital Signature in tally ensures your data is safe and all documents are tamper proof.

You can also get advanced versions of these two features. Check Audit Trail in tally and Digital signature in tally to know more about the advanced versions of the two features.

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