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How Tally Prime helps manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Industry is one of the first industries to have adopted software for its resource management. The reason being the complicated nature of the processes and decision making involved in a manufacturing business.

Tally offers some amazing features for Manufacturing businesses. The industry specific features of Tally Prime are beyond Tally. You can get the most of Tally by getting the Manufacturing Module for manufacturers.

The Tally Prime Manufacturing module has all features a manufacturing business needs and can help businesses to make better decisions and remove the unwanted wastage throughout their manufacturing process.

Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the biggest asset in a manufacturing business. Raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods need to be managed well for an optimum resource allocation. A complete report on the availability of inventory must be made available to the decision maker. This will help to take accurate and timely decisions regarding the purchase, availability or shortage of stock. Tally makes this process easy by providing Barcode management in Tally. Easy scan to enter stock details in Tally. Create automated error-proof stock tracking in Tally. Tally has some amazing reports like the stock summary report that provides complete details of the stock. You can also manage stock as per rack/bin in Tally to ensure you retrieve them efficiently and quickly.

Material Planning

Material planning is important. If not done efficiently, you might lose on cost saving opportunities. A lot of factors need to be evaluated before deciding to purchase raw materials from vendors. In Tally’s Manufacturing module all activities including demand forecasting, purchase planning and production scheduling are included.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is important as it allows you to forecast the demand after considering the past purchases made, and compare data over a period of time. This is an important feature as you do not want to end up with problems like over stocking or under stocking.

Purchase Planning

Purchase planning involves all the planning that is required while purchasing or sourcing raw materials required. This is the foremost step in the whole manufacturing process. Clarity on the required stock and the available stock needs to be given to the purchasing department. This will ensure there is no wastage of stock or stock lying idle in the inventory.

Production Scheduling

Production scheduling and planning is an important step in ensuring the whole process of manufacturing goes on smoothly. From getting the raw materials on time to getting it processed and finally delivery of the product the whole process is timed and informed to the departments involved. There is zero wastage in such a planned production.

Quality Consistency

Quality consistency is the key to retaining customers. Customer retention is possible only when the product is of the best possible quality and over the time this quality is maintained. Tally ensures quality of your products by providing parameters to check the quality of the products. Thus it ensures all your products are of the standard quality as set by the Tally user.

Tally for Manufacturers is an ideal software for Manufacturing businesses as it automates various functions, helps in strategy making, process planning and provides valuable reports that helps in decision making as well.

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