Tally for Manufacturing Industries

Tally ERP is a platform best suited for Manufacturing

Tally forms the foundation on which all our enterprise solutions, products, and services are built and delivered. The system has been designed utilizing the full power of Tally. Hence it inherits the simplicity, flexibility & scalability of the Platform.

You can deploy it in decentralized mode in individual factory units & synchronize data to head office OR have a centralized server with user’s logging in from various locations. It integrates all the departments of a Manufacturing organization & has a seamless workflow between them.

Our Manufacturing ERP Solution gives illustration of our extensive experience in delivering comprehensive solutions and services, to empower every aspect of business operations of Manufacturing Organization. By deploying this solution, you can effectively streamline and integrate your business processes, optimize the entire supply chain, and quickly identify customer needs, eventually contributing to an improved bottom line.

We have successfully implemented ERP for Manufacturing Industries like Engineering, Chemicals and Bulk drugs, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Procurement & Material Management

With eSUITE, Make your procurement cycle effective & maintain excellent vendor relations.

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Material Requirement Plan

An integral part of eSUITE, works out Production and Purchase Requirement based on Bill of Materials of Finished & Semi finished Goods, with due consideration to pending purchase orders, Cycle stocks, Minimum stocks.

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Quality Assurance

Assured Quality is the outcome of stringent discipline across the Business Process, Provided by eSUITE, achieved by Quality control on all inputs, Process level testing, Production Level testing & Quality Confirmative test on dispatches etc.

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Production (Made-to-stock)

Our end-to-end solution provides you inventory control system with the necessary capabilities to reduce inventory levels, enhance manufacturing processes, and increase visibility across your Made-to-Stock business process.

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Production (Project Based)

eSUITE when configured for Contract /Job Manufacturing considers each job as a project, works out Material Requirement plan for the JOB, Cost Estimation, Tracks & Controls Procurement based on Job requirement, Maintain Job-wise Inventories and Reports consumption variances.

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Gate Management

eSUITE tracks all material movement across the factory gate based on due purchase orders or Sales Orders, as its stringent Control permit only authorized materials/ goods to be brought in & send out of the Factory premises.

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Sales & Dispatch Management

The sales & dispatch system automates the entire process from order to Cash, improve efficiency, implement credit policy, speed up turn around time & throws up most critical MIS needed for further sales strategy & planning.

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Finance & Accounts

Flexible account structure and seamless integration with all business operations provide easy access to the financial effects of operations. Automated accounting entries eliminate errors and save time for reviewing, analyzing and acting on financial information.

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Multiple Deployment Architecture

With Tally as framework, decide on any type of architecture: Centralized, Decentralized or Hybrid. The design depends on the number of locations, distance, connectivity, trained manpower availability etc.

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Security, Controls & Authorizations

eSUITE ERP allows to create user & allocate access rights for different functional areas (say stores, accounts etc) & of different levels (store keeper, Manager etc).

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Tally Payroll

Tally.ERP 9 is capable of handling simple Pay slip generation in five easy steps to complex associated processes - including handling Loans and Advances, Salary revision and Arrear calculation, Deductions and ad-hoc payments etc.

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Statutory Compliances

Antraweb implements all default Statutory Compliances of Tally.ERP 9 such as Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Payroll Statutory Reports without any modification.

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