Tally for Pharmaceuticals

Utmost user friendly solution for Pharmaceutical Companies.

Under Tally’s framework, the most powerful Inventory integrated Financial Accounting Package, armed with highly regulated ERP solution for Pharmaceutical industry. With Antraweb’s customized ERP Solution on Tally has become easy to manage your business more effectively

You are aware that for any Pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement considered as prime importance. Though 21 CFR Part II has been launched, many companies yet to tackle its practical implementation. User-friendly Antraweb’s ERP Solution is compliant to all statutory regulation & as per the guidelines of 21CFR Part II and it is quick to implement.

Salient Pharma Features

Approved Vendor Management Vendor Specific Items Classification for Active & Exipients Raw Material Controls for Setting BMR & BPR Stage wise Intermediates & their BOM Quarantine, Approval & Rejections Assay based formula for generation of requisitions for Production of various products Inventory Management

  • Material Receipts against Orders
  • Approval & Rejection of Materials by Quality Control
  • Label Printings from the system
  • A R No. assigning against various batches.
  • Stock Status such as Quarantine, Rejection, Approved
  • Stock issues based on system generated requisition as per standard formulas.
  • Validations on issue of expired based material & as per FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • A.R.No. Status
  • Retesting of Materials as per Retest Over Due Report
  • Conversion of various grades on approval of Quality Control
  • Excess Return from Production, Material Transfers & Stock Adjustment
  • Additional Requisition of materials for Producton.
  • Issues for Job Work & Return (Third Party Job Work)
  • Stock Goods in Process
  • Production Delivery to various stages & BSR
  • Cost Estimation
  • ATR (Analytical Test Report) & FPRR (Finished Product Release Report) from the system
  • Bill of Material for Raw Material & Packing Material
  • Quarantine, Approval

Other Features

  • Voucher Type Level Security
  • Audit Trail for Master & Transaction
  • Negative Stock Blocking Module
  • Manufacturing Excise Module
  • Departmental Wise Menu
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Credit Control & Brokerage Module
  • Standard Narrations

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