Tally Prime Sales Activity Management (SAM)

Sales Activity management System helps Sales Persons to Plan, Monitor, Control, and Organise their Contacts, Opportunities and ongoing action at one consolidate place, resulting in better visualisation of funnels performance and time management and remove any bottlenecks during sales process before they cause a problem. Sales Activity Management helps the company to get detailed report in every ongoing deals and past activities which can be related to the Sales process or customer. Sales Activity Management is a handy tool which provides a complete tracking of Sales activities carried out to achieve personnel targets. SAM system acts as a reliable platform for maintaining customer history in a way helping you to predict his future behaviour. It helps to understand the needs of the customers and leads to improve customer satisfaction retention.

Sales Manager can measure the sales Activities of all the sales representative on day to day basis and optimise the decision making towards defined goals.

The Sales Manager gets a complete overview of all his team members and customers and get instant real time reports on the outstanding and their ledger statements.

Sales Activity Management provides the following advantages:

  • Maintaining Customer Information i.e Datapoints
  • Generating opportunities from generated leads
  • Tracking activities of customers,employees and Sales Process.
  • Monitoring the daily activities and follow-ups of customers.
  • Periodic reports of ledger balances and outstanding of customer account
  • Team Management and User Access
  • Reports on follow-ups and touch points with customer
  • Filtration reports in each stage of activity
  • Hierarchy list of all Teams, Work Profile and User
  • Personalized Work profile account for all the sales rep
  • Database Management with Maintenance
  • Management of all the Masters from Company creation to Release Datapoints
  • User Management and Password policy.


Create / Maintain information about your customers / prospects along with multiple location addresses, Business lines, contact details, Products sold, opportunities, quotations & various activities/followups done.

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Create, manage & track status of each opportunity from when it started & its various phases as it progresses until it is closed. Also create quotations / Proposals as per user defined templates & send it by email from the systems.

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Register all your daily activities done for individual customers / opportunities for future reference by other users. The history helps in profiling a customer & device right strategy to address them.

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Ledger and Outstandings

SAM gives current financial position of the customers with transaction details & also all the pending bills along with its due date & amount. The sales person gets the up to date financial details without entering Tally.

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User Management

Create hierarchy of Branches, teams & then users under it. Define multiple Roles for each user. create & manage masters & housekeeping functions like backups & transfer of data points.

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