Tally Serial Number Management

  • Define Voucher Type for which Serial Number to be activated eg. Sales, Purchase, Stock Transfer, POS etc.
  • Option to enable serial number for a particular Stock Item.
  • Godown/Location wise Tracking of Serial No.
  • Recall complete history of any serial number as in when it was purchased, Sold etc.
  • Serial numbers can be entered manually or through Barcode
  • Import Serial No from excel file

Warranty management

Manage Warranty for Stock Items with Serial number enabled. Define Warranty in Days/Months/Years. Also define absolute date for warranty. Manage separate warranty given by supplier & also given to customer. Recall Warranty details for any serial number quickly.

Exception Management

Various exceptions happen, and it is important to accommodate those in the software. The solution does that but not without tracking the exceptions. It gives you a complete log of such exceptions as Force Close, Force Open, etc of Serial numbers.


  • Easy serial number-wise tracking of the voucher, stocks, Godown/location.
  • Great for reporting the profitability location-wise, stock-wise, etc.
  • Option for easy data entry using Barcode.
  • Import bulk serial numbers from the portal.
  • A more systematic approach

Some Commonly Asked Questions-

Who is this module beneficial for?

This module is beneficial for any business that wants to retrieve their data using serial numbers and also for those businesses that are interested in knowing their profitability from different perspectives.

Can I get the demo for this product?

You can request to watch a demo for serial number management in Tally. demo by filling the enquiry form on this page. The demo will help you understand the product better and ensure you purchase the product only if it suits your need. 

Can serial number management be used on single user Tally?

Yes. The serial number management module can be used in both single-user and multiple-user Tally software.   

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