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Tally ERP 9 Item Name Creator

Stock Item Creation Made Simple, Parameterised and Error Free

For Stock items with multiple parameters there are high chances of making errors while creating a stock item. Item Name creator allows defining standard popup for each parameter & allows the user to select it in sequence. Once all parameters are selected, the Item name is created.

Eg. parameters :

Stock Type = Ribbon
MM = 3
Mtr = 20
Color = Blue

Item Name = Combination of above ( i.e Stock Type + MM + Mtr + Blue)

Item Name created is ¬†“Ribbon 3 mm X 20 Mtr Blue

Possible Enhancements
Lot of enhancement possible related to MIS reporting & printing of stock item in Invoice.
For eg. Stock item = A+B+C and the customer may want to print only A+C in the invoice.