Tally Rack Wise Bin Wise Stock Management

Most warehouses store their stock in huge rooms full of thousands of racks and bins. When a specific stock is required, the operations manager must know exactly where the stock is stored. The Rack or bin number. But manually memorising every stock location is impossible.

Rack Wise Bin Wise Stock Management in Tally shows you the exact location of the stock and where it is stored.

Tally Manages godown / Location wise stocks efficiently. However, there are organizations (Manufacturers, distributors, traders, retailers) who would require to manage their inventories lying in Multiple racks or bins (in thousands). Managing godowns as Racks/Bins in thousands in Tally will affect its performance & is not recommendable. With the solution, the company will be able to maintain & view stock lying across thousands of racks/bins comfortably.

A comprehensive report gives a complete status of stock with the facility to find the product in Single or Multiple Godown / Locations with Multiple Stock items kept at Multiple Locations & Rack No / Bin no.


  • Quick stock retrieval
  • Time-Saving
  • Organised process
  • Reduces wastage of Stock
  • Better stock management

Some Commonly Asked Questions-

Who should use Rack Wise Bin Wise Stock Management in Tally?

All businesses that use racks or bins to store their stock can benefit from Rack/bin wise stock management in Tally. This tool facilitates better stock management.

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