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How to download and install Tally Prime

The most awaited release of Tally, TallyPrime is here. Get a detailed comparison of Tally.ERP and TallyPrime here. The new look and navigation system in TallyPrime is amazing.

To get TallyPrime, you will need to have a valid TSS (Tally Software Service). Pay an annual fee to renew your TSS. This yearly fee is utilised by Tally Solutions to keep Tally up-to-date. As we know Tally.ERP 9 is a perpetual license, and thus one may wonder how does Tally keep coming us with such amazing features precisely as required by businesses. The answer is through the TSS fee.

Thus the first step towards getting Tally Prime is to renew your TSS from your service provider.

The next step is different to different types of users.

  • Already Tally user

    If you’re already a Tally user, you can upgrade your current Tally to Tally Prime. Find the detailed process in this article How to upgrade Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime.

  • New user

    If you’re a new Tally user or would like to use Tally for educational or training reasons, you can download Tally Prime .exe file and then install the downloaded file.

You can download the .exe from here. Download Tally Prime

Once you have downloaded the .exe file, follow these steps -

  • Click the setup file. Now click on Install
  • Wait for Tally to install
  • After installation, click on ‘Start TallyPrime’

You will have to configure basic settings like data path, country, etc

Next, you will get the ‘Welcome to TallyPrime’ screen with options to

  • Try it for free (Educational)
  • Use license from the network
  • Reactivate existing license
  • Activate new license

If you’re a paid new user, you will have to Activate your license using the activation key you might have received on mail sent by your service provider.


If the purpose of downloading is for educational purpose, you select the first option ‘Try it for free’.

What is the difference between education mode Tally and a paid Tally License?

One of the most significant differences of educational mode Tally and paid Tally version is the restriction in dates. You can make entries only on specific dates. Mostly its the starting of the month and last date of the month. As Tally is accounting software, this restriction will not allow its users to file returns as well as maintain entries date wise.

Thus the users can try all the features of the software, but for businesses to file returns and maintain day-wise accounting, this educational mode Tally does not serve the purpose. Not just these, there are many other features like the benefits that the Tally service provide like the data synchronisation, SMS feature, remote access, etc. cannot be used.

It is effortless to download and install Tally Prime. Always use the latest update of Tally so that you do not miss on the valuable features that Tally latest versions provide. Tally Prime is the most awaited and most significant update in the whole timeline of Tally updates. Along with some very productive features, Tally Prime will also have a completely new avatar. Visit our Tally Prime page to know more about this update.

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