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Excel to tally

Background - Businesses are using multiple software to suffice their unique business requirements. In such situations maintaining the integrity of data becomes extremely important. Here’s a good read about how Excel to Tally will help you in all types of data integration in Tally.

Data is the heart of every business. Having correct data, that is data without any errors is valuable to the business. And to have an error-free data, IT automation is the key. Tally.ERP 9 is one such software that supports businesses by providing automation in the overall functioning of the business. It improves efficiency and increases the overall productivity of the whole business. This has made it the most used business software throughout India for 3 decades.

Due to the increase in the use of automated software like Tally, there has been an increase in the need for integrated data. To suffice this need, Tally provides Tally to Tally easy exchange of data either through data synchronization or through data export and import. One can easily export data from one Tally software and import it in another Tally software. This allows smooth migration of data from one Tally to another.

But some businesses use multiple software to support different functions of a business such as Marketing, IT, Finance, etc. To maintain the integrity of data, the multiple software needs to have correct data. To have integrated data, you may have to manually copy the data and then enter it again in the other software which will be time-consuming and again a human dependent process.

As by default Tally has no provision for importing data from other software, you can use the Excel to Tally Import utility to import data from other software (any software other than Tally) into Tally through Excel. This is an automated process involving minimal human interference and thus the chances of manual error is eliminated.

There are many instances in which you may want to import data from multiple data sources to Tally. For every different source, you may have to use a different integration software. Thus to avoid the complicated process of customization of every different software, you can simply use an excel based integration that will help you to import all your data through Tally.

Let us first discuss the different sources of data through which we may want to import data to Tally.

E-commerce websites

More and more consumers prefer purchasing online today due to the increasing options online and the convenience it offers. And also because of its increasing awareness and implementation of strict laws for online fraud by the government.

E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, provide an excel sheet containing the data of the sales in batches to the seller. Thus the Amazon or Flipkart seller has to manually enter all the transactions in Tally which can be a hectic task. To simplify this task and to maintain the data integrity, you have two options in Tally.

ERP and other software

Today, other than Tally there are many software available that assist in unique functions such as SAP, Zoho, Magento, etc. Also, there is database that you may want to integrate with Tally. All these are possible through Excel to Tally Import utility.

These are the two types of sources that may require the import of data. We can see how all data that needs to be imported in Tally can easily be imported using one tool that is Excel to tally import utility. It is a one-stop solution for all data import requirements of Tally. The process of importing data using this import utility is to send us the data in an excel sheet and the integration tool will be delivered to you in a few hours. Using this integration tool, you can import all the data you want as many times as you may need.

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