How Do CAs Benefit From Tally ERP 9 Auditor’s Edition?

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How Do CAs Benefit From Tally ERP 9 Auditor’s Edition?

What is Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition?

Well, it is a tool that is required for business functions for both the clients as well as CA’s. It comes with several services that deeply add value like remote access and persistent statuary compliance. This product is unique in the market for it continues to increase the efficiency of auditors. It is beneficial to integrate and make the procedure smooth so as to save efforts, time as well as resources.

This edition is designed in a way that it makes the best of costs and revenue abilities while saving a good amount of effort and time. However, with physical verification, operational audit software and authentication of data using vouchers is no longer needed. The product aids CA’s offer continuous and quick solution for any audit problems and associated questions remotely in the software itself. Independent annexure and reports can also be viewed regularly in line with necessities for a tax audit with relative ease.

It helps in overall increasing the efficiency of the audit. One can access the client’s reports and data remotely through TSS. There is an audit dashboard and production of reports and annexure for tax audit like Form 3CD Annexure Clause16, Clause 17(h), Clause 21, Clause 24(a), Clause 24 (b), Annexure II, and Clause 27. You have the capability to filter accounts on the Audit Dashboard pertaining to audit requirement. Any clarifications needed can be reported by the CA and replied to with Tally ERP 9.

Some of the functionalities of Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition are:

Audit Programs and working papers

Auditors Edition aids Chartered Accountants decrease mistakes and prepare via reports while decreasing time and efforts.

Analytical procedures with numerous sampling means

One has the ability to compare and contrast data of the present year with the previous year. One can simply detect unexpected relationship among data to identify discrepancies.

Opening Balance Verification and Security

Any differences in balances can be marked, thereby ensuring that any grievances and issues can be instantly dealt with.

Repeated Transaction Reports

Several configurations can be personalized so as to identify and record transactions that do not seem usual or are recurring.

Periodic Report & Payment Receipts

The software has the ability to detect irregularities in transactions and offer transparency in patterns of transactions happening over duration of time.

Through the software, one also faces increased scope of more revenue via special services. Since a lot of time is saved, CAs can offer new business advisory services to clients. Tally integrator partners are there to collaborate with CAs to deliver technology solutions around Tally ERP 9 for issues detected by the CA. Tally Service Partners are there to team with CAs to make sure that their clients can avail cost-effective system management as well as services around Tally ERP 9.

By working on this software, CAs have the ability to enhance their revenue, decrease expenses as well as deliver improved services to their clients. Apart from Tally ERP 9 Auditor’s Edition, there are numerous other tally services that are also offered that can aid businesses. Digital signature in Tally ERP 9 is also one of the services that greatly simplify the day-to-day functions in a business.

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