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Send Tally Invoice and documents anywhere anytime

An ideal invoice contains all details of a transaction stated clearly and precisely. Usually all invoices are stored by both parties of the transaction as a legal proof for the sale of goods/services. Invoices are very important and need to be readily available.

Are your invoices readily available? How many minutes would you spend searching for an invoice? 5 Mins? 10 Mins? 30 Mins?

Making a customer wait who is willing to clear their dues just because you are unable to locate an invoice is a situation no business ever wants to be in. Such a situation may most likely end with the customer moving on to other work and further delay in getting back the pending dues.

The best possible way to avoid such a situation, is to simply save your invoices along with the transactions. Not just invoices but any other supporting document and file of any format.

Is this possible by default in Tally? No. But you can enable this in your Tally by contacting your service provider. It is used by many businesses as it is the most convenient and efficient way of retrieving documents.

Here’s how your business can ensure you send documents to your stakeholders irrespective of where you work from -

Anytime anywhere

Working from home? No worries. Your supporting documents move with you wherever you go. If you can access your Tally from home, with Tally on Cloud, you can also access your documents from the same Tally. Enable document attachment in tally, to take your invoices wherever you go. Forget the hassles of carrying files and documents; your Tally will do it for you.

Securely send invoices

Cyber-crimes are on the rise. Sending documents which are attached in the voucher is easy in Tally. But as a responsible business, you must make sure the documents reach the customer safely. If the documents are confidential, it is important to make sure to keep them safe from cyber attacks. Keep your documents tamper proof with a digital signature. It keeps both the parties informed in case of a tampered document.

Use messaging service

The most common way of sending documents in Tally is through Email. Another way is to send it through SMS messaging. You can send a precise message along with the documents. Messaging service is said to have a quicker and better open rate than emails. And thus many businesses prefer this method.

Your Tally online

Tally on Cloud is a basic requirement for you to use any of the above functionalities in Tally. The quality of this service depends upon the experience of the service provider. And thus it is important to have a good service provider. The service is subscription based and can be purchased when ended and discontinued when not needed.

QR code for instant payment

Another way of having a good customer experience is to include QR code for payment in your invoice. The government has also made this mandatory for certain businesses. You too, can enable it to create a more convenient payment method.

These are some really helpful features that you can enable in your Tally to ensure smooth sharing of invoices with your stakeholders.

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