Tally Virtual User (TVU) License

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Tally Virtual User (TVU) License

The Tally Virtual User License has been introduced to allow authorised access and support under the Tally Virtual User Pack. This product applies to both existing Tally virtual users (Tally on cloud users, RDP, Citrix users and similar technologies) as well as customers interested in using virtual Tally.

According to this policy, there is a cost associated with every user using Tally. For the benefit of Tally customers, few user packs are being given to customers for free. Any number of users exceeding these numbers will have to pay and purchase Tally Virtual User packs.

According to the product, a Tally customer using,

  • Tally Prime Single user, gets 1 free TVU
  • Tally Prime Multi-user gets 10 free TVU pack
  • TallyPrime Server 9 user gets 20 free TVU pack

A Tally Virtual user with Multi-user license using Tally Server 9 gets a total of 10 + 20 free TVU pack.

A cost of Rs. 225 per month billed yearly will be applicable for an additional user (additional user means a user which does not fall in any of the above said categories)

Important: All Tally users using RDP and similar technologies will have to have a Tally Virtual License (over and above the default entitlement) from 31st July 2020 onwards failing to which they may not be able to use the RDP and similar technology service.

Refer the below image to know more.

TVU Licence

Tally on cloud comes with the following benefits:

  • Access Tally anywhere, anytime
  • High data security
  • Improved Backup system
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Zero downtime

Due to these benefits, more and more people are moving from on-premise Tally to Tally on Cloud.


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