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How do I calculate how many Tally Virtual Packs I need?

The number of Tally you open in your organisation is the number of Tally Virtual Users License you need to purchase.

For example,

  • Case 1

    Company A uses Tally. ERP 9 Gold in a virtual environment, with 4 users using Tally, this Company A, will be entitled to 10 free TVUs. Company A need not purchase any TVUs. But still they will have to get their license registered under Tally virtual License. Thus they should contact their service provider for the same.

  • Case 2

    Company A uses Tally.ERP 9 Gold or Multi-user, and has 10 people working on Tally from 10 different locations, every user opens at least 2 Tally simultaneously, then Company A will have to purchase a 20 Tally Virtual User pack.

    Since, for a Tally.ERP 9 Gold, company A is entitled to get 10 TVU Pack for free, Company A will have to only pay and purchase 10 TVU Packs.

  • Case 3

    Company A uses Tally Server 9 in a virtual environment with 23 users using Tally simultaneously. Now according to the entitlement policy, every Tally Server 9 gets 30 TVU pack (Tally Server 9 + Tally.ERP 9 Gold TVU pack). Thus the for the 23 users, company A does not need to purchase any TVU packs.

The number of TVU License you will be needing is the same as the number of Tally you use simultaneously. It is important for every Tally user using Tally on cloud or any virtual facility to contact their service provider and get their users registered under the Tally Virtual License Policy.

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