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As a Tally.ERP 9 user, what are the benefits I will get from TVU License?

Tally Virtual License is for those Tally.ERP 9 users who are either using virtual tally either through cloud technology or similar technologies or are planning to go for Tally Virtualization.

Once you have upgraded your license to Tally Virtual User License, you will be entitled to Tally Virtual User Packs depending on the type of your Tally lIcense. A Tally.ERP 9 gold user gets 10 TVU Pack, a Tally.ERP 9 Silver user gets 1 TVU Pack and a Tally Server 9 user is entitled to 20 TVU Pack. A Tally Server 9 can get a maximum of 30 TVU Pack, considering you get 10 from Tally Gold license and 20 more from Tally Server 9.

Upgrading your Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Virtual License user will allow you to get support and assistance while using Virtual License.

Tally Solutions will help you decide which type of cloud and other technologies will be helpful for your business.

Defined guidelines will be given by TSPL for using such technologies.

Thus you will get support for your troubleshooting and configuration for such technologies not just from your Tally Partner but also from Tally Solutions.

It is important to upgrade your Tally.ERP 9 license to a Tally Virtual License at the earliest if you are using Tally on Cloud or Citric and similar technologies.

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