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Top 6 productive hacks for Tally Prime

Tally was introduced in 1989. Ever since its establishment, its usage has increased. More and more businesses are trusting Tally due to its ease of use and the amazing set of features it provides. The software has consistently improved over the years making it relevant even today.

Businesses can choose from a variety of different accounting software with competitive features. Tally is not just an accounting software but a complete business management software. It helps businesses to maintain various business data be it accounting data or payroll data, inventory, banking or budgets. 300+ insightful reports in Tally helps you understand your business better and thus form strategies that help businesses grow further.

There is nothing your Tally cannot do. Tally is designed to satisfy all business needs. By default Tally has thousands of features that might take some time to explore. In this blog, we will share 10 amazing productive Tally hacks that can increase your work productivity and reduce your time being wasted on redundant tasks.

Data integration

Every business at some point of time requires to move data from one software to the other. Accounting and business management software contain a lot of data. Manually recreating entries is impossible. And thus you can invest in an integration add-on or plugin that automatically imports entries. You can also use Excel to tally Import Utility to import all your data from Excel to Tally.

Digital Signature

Digital signature is a must in today’s times. You can generate Digital signature in Tally by using the Digital signature in Tally add-on. This add-on ensures all your invoices have the option to include a digital signature. You can share digitally signed invoices through email or download it in PDF format and then email it to your clients and customers.

Document Attachment

Document attachment in Tally makes the auditing of a business an easier process. It provides the auditors with all the supporting documents along with the transaction entries. Thus the auditor does not have to ask the client for specific documents in case of a verification. Another benefit of document attachment in Tally, is you can save your office space by saving all the documents in Tally itself and downloading it or sharing it whenever needed. To get this feature in Tally you can get the Multiple File Attachment add-on in Tally.

Barcode and Inventory Management

Barcode is a great tool for inventory management. It makes inventory tracking a piece of a cake. An operator can simply scan a barcode to enter the inventory details in Tally. This saves time for the operator in selecting a particular entry and also reduces the chances of mistakes while recording the inventory details. Barcode and labelling can be used in Tally using the add-on.

Auto Backup

Backup in Tally is a completely manual process. We believe backups must be an automatic process as it has to happen from time to time to avoid data loss. Manually one cannot keep backing up the data after every entry. Smart Backup ++ in Tally allows you to backup your data automatically as per the schedule set.

Report Generator

Tally has over 300 reports. But every business may require a very specific report which might not be available in Tally. You can use Sheet Magic Report Writer in Tally to generate reports in Tally.

This tool picks up numbers from your Tally and creates your monthly quarterly or yearly reports for you using your Tally data. It is quick, efficient and free of mistakes. A great tool for businesses that require any excel based reports that are not available in tally.

These hacks are used by many successful businesses worldwide. Automation is the key to reduce unnecessary tasks and minimise wastage of productive time.

Some businesses want to automate and bring new functions to Tally. These automations can be brought in tally externally i.e. through addon plugins or customisations.

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