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How to add extra features in Tally?

Tally ERP 9 has many features that can be enabled or disabled as per the requirement. In Gateway of Tally screen, press F11 (Features) Next step, you can choose to alter Accounting Settings using F1 option, Inventory management using F2 option and Statutory options using the F3 option.

There are hundreds of features in Tally that can be enabled from the F11 option. These are the default Tally ERP 9 features. Some businesses have very specific requirements that may not be available in the default features. These requirements can be fulfilled by customising your Tally software.

Tally customisation is the process of adding additional features to Tally software. There are three different types of customisation.

  • Customising the design of Tally ERP 9 invoice design
  • Functional requirement which can be added as additional features using ready-made add-ons or solution boosters
  • Very unique business/industry specific requirement that is specially designed for you

For understanding in which of the above categories your customisation falls, it is crucial always to contact Tally ERP 9 service providers that are experts in customisation.

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