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Top 5 ready to use Tally Customisations

Tally customisation is the process of modifying Tally ERP 9 to suit a specific requirement of a business.

There are some standard customisation requirements in Tally that are commonly used and hence they are made into readily available add-ons. It is standardised customisation.

Here are some of the most common Customisations

  • Invoice Customisation

    Tally ERP 9 has a generalised invoice format which can be edited to a certain extent. But to have an invoice as per your industry standards, you can simply ask for ready-made templates designed for your industry and get all your tally ERP 9 invoices as per the template.

  • SMS in Tally

    Communicate with your suppliers and customers regarding the payment made or the outstanding amount, which is overdue using your Tally ERP 9. Send SMS using your Tally ERP 9.

  • Barcode and Label Printing in Tally

    Customise your Tally ERP 9 to create barcodes and print labels. Ensure the efficient working of your business.

  • Auto Backup in Tally

    Default Tally allows manual backup of your data. Customise Tally ERP 9 with ready-made add-on Smart Backup ++ to enable automatic backup from time to time.

  • Multi-File Attachment

    Customisation for Tally ERP 9 that allows you to attach multiple documents in your voucher entry in Tally. This enables you to have all your entries and its supporting documents in one place.

These are the most commonly used Tally Customisations.

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