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Top 6 things you must do before Tally Customisation

Customisation is the process of modifying software so that unique software requirements are fulfilled. There are some things you must keep in mind before investing your money in Tally Customisation

  • Research

    Research is the first step in any type of investment. Customisation can be avoided by understanding the various inbuilt features of Tally ERP 9. Tally has many features that are not commonly used. Thus it is essential first to watch Tally educational or training videos or read articles to understand if your requirement can be fulfilled in the default Tally options. You can check Accounts, statutory as well as Inventory related features in the F11 option from the Gateway to Tally screen. Some requirements can also be fulfilled through readily available add-ons.

  • Consult expert tally service provider

    Once you have completed your basic research and you understand that your requirement may need expert consultation, you must consult a service provider with an expertise in dealing with Tally ERP 9 customisations. A well experienced Tally Service Provider like Antraweb Technologies can help you understand how to go ahead with your customisation and whether our requirement can be fulfilled with the help of ready-made add-ons or customisation. While choosing a Tally Expert, you must keep in mind their experience, the customisations they have successfully completed and their reviews.

  • Time

    Customising your Tally may cause disruptions to the normal functioning of your business activities, and thus it is important to get your customisations done in the minimum possible time. Antraweb provides customisation in the minimum possible time so that your business efficiency is maintained.

  • Special customisation support

    Tally ERP 9 when customised or modified may require further assistance in future. Make sure you get this support from your Tally Expert Service provider. Antraweb understands the importance of after-sales support, and thus we have a dedicated team for customisation support.

  • Migration Support

    Every time a new version of Tally ERP 9 is introduced there are chances of your customisation not working correctly. In this case, Antraweb makes sure it has a backup of your customisation. Thus restoring your customisation in the latest version is easy.

Always keep these things in mind before getting your Tally ERP 9 customised.

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