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Top cost-saving customisation tricks

Every customisation is an investment, and thus it becomes very important to have a good return on investments. Here are few tips or tricks to ensure your investment in customisation yields you good returns.

  • Multiple software

    Using multiple software instead of customising Tally may seem the right choice in the short term. Still, in the long run, it may lead to complexities as you may need consolidated data which will again require integration customisation. It may also lead to inefficiency of the business process due to wastage of time, cost and resources.

  • Multiple customisations

    Instead of going for customisation from time to time, it is better to go for multiple customisations at a time. Consult your Tally expert as they can provide you with a package with your requirements as well as some features that you may require in the future. In this way, you will cut your customisation costs considerably.

These are the best tricks to save costs while customising Tally. Another trick is to get all the customisations done from the same Tally Service Provider or Tally Expert so that the customisation process does not affect the previous customisations.

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