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How to fulfill unique requirements in Tally?

Some businesses have very specific requirements. These requirements may or may not be available in default Tally. It is important first to contact your Tally Service Provider or a trusted Tally Expert to understand if your requirement can be fulfilled through Tally default features or if you need Tally Customisation.

Requirements like adding additional columns or changing invoice according to specific industry standards may require you to customise your Tally ERP 9 invoice. Similarly, in a Manufacturing business, there is Inventory management, Bill of Material (BOM) and many other functions that may require to be managed using Tally ERP 9. But since in default Tally, there is no such provision to manage these functions, you may have to customise your Tally ERP 9.

Often such requirements can be fulfilled with readily available Solution Boosters or add-ons and thus instead of customising your Tally multiple times, you can install these add-ons or Solutions Boosters and avoid the complications of multiple customisations.

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