Tally Multiple Branch Management

Managing accounts with businesses having multiple branches with multiple GST numbers requires you to have proper multiple branch management in Tally.

By default, Tally allows only one GST number in a company, and similarly, there are many features such as reporting, auto-entry in multiple accounts, entry tracking, GST maintenance, branch wise profitability reports, and many more features can be added to your Tally with Multiple Branch Management module.

Simplify the process of handling the accounts of all the branches of the company across multiple states under one Tally Company. Ideally suited for companies who want to manage and control multiple branch accounts, systematically in one Tally company.

Key Highlights

  • Flexibility to create Purchase entry automatically while making Interstate Branch Transfer Sales entry
  • Comprehensive report to reconcile the transit of goods between the branches in a single company
  • Configure and Secure State wise access of transactions for users
  • Get State wise GSTR reports, day book, sales and Purchase register
  • View branch wise summary of stock items by maintaining state wise godown
  • Allow specific debtors, creditors and duties group related to states to appear for selection while entering Sales / Purchase transactions
  • State wise Outstanding report
  • ALL reports in the MBM Module show indicative balances
  • Summary of state wise GSTR1 and GSTR2 register

Some Commonly Asked Questions-

Which businesses must invest in a Multiple Branch Management Module?

Businesses with a client base of business with multiple branches are the best-suited business as this module makes sure data from multiple branches of a business stays accurate at all times.

How will multiple branch management modules in Tally help my business?

Multiple Branch Management simplifies the data entry and data viewing process.

  • Easy and simple data management
  • Better reporting
  • Multiple GST in one company
  • Track profitability more accurately
  • Better decision making
  • Time-saving

How will I know if this module is suitable for my business?

We believe every business is unique and hence you must see the demo of the module and understand it well before implementing it in your business. All you have to do is fill out an enquiry form and our executive will not only explain the working of the module but also provide a demo.

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