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How to generate E-invoice in TallyPrime?

A 4-step easy process for E-invoice generation is as follows -

  • Step 1 - Register your GSP

    Go to IRP (Invoice Registration Portal), login. Among the different options, select 'API Integration with ERP'. Now set 'Tally (India) Private Limited' as your GSP. Set a high security password and username.

  • Step 2 - Tally Configuration

    In Tally, go to the configuration settings in the Sales Voucher screen and enable settings for ''E-invoicing and E-way Bill'

  • Step 3 - Create an Entry

    Create a sales entry will all the relevant details. Since you have enabled, e-invoicing and e-way bill you will get an option towards the end of the screen 'Provide GST/ E-way Bill/ E-invoice details'. Click 'Yes'. Now a screen asking details regarding E-invoice will open fill it, save and proceed.

  • Step 4 - Print E-invoice

    Once all the details are filled and saved. After saving the entry you will get a prompt message asking 'Do you want to generate and E-invoice and E-way Bill?'. Press 'Yes'. Tally will ask you for a username and password. Fill the username and password you saved in step 1. E-invoice with QR code and IRN is generated. You can take a Print out of the same.

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