Antraweb and Tallywalas

Why Tally Prime?

Tally is the most reputed and oldest accounting software. It has been serving businesses throughout India and globally since more than 3 decades. It has served about 2 million businesses worldwide.

Tally Prime is a software that does not require a person to be well versed with the software and can be used by any person. It has been designed in such a way, that it can be used by an accountant as well as a Business owner. Tally Prime has a unique ‘Go To’ navigation bar that allows you to access 90% of the software.

Other than accessibility, Tally Prime promises some very detailed reports at a blazing speed. These reports are detailed it provides you with Receivables and payables reports, ratio analysis and many other reports. Decision making has never been so easy.

Tally Prime is also Statutory Compliant which means all statutory related changes are supported in Tally. GST, E-way Bills, and all other newly introduced requirements are complied in Tally to support your business in a multifaceted approach.

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